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Leon Ostrovskiy

Author of Walk&Talk in St. Petersburg and owner of Create Planet

Hi, my name is Leon, and I’ll be really glad to see you in St.Petersburg. Every day I work on my main project Create Planet, an incoming company oriented to guests from Russia and abroad, but after work, when evening or weekend comes I like to walk around  the historical areas of the city, visit exhibitions and drink wine in bars with my wife and our friends in places hidden from tourists.
I’m a big fan of rock&roll music, modern art and «impressionist» artists. I love history and read a lot about St. Petersburg.
During our conversation I will try to explain you who we Russians are, tell you about our history and mentality code. 

I’ll show you two parts of the old city which used to have nothing in common but the sky above them. Two different worlds which rarely met: nobility vs all the «humiliated and insulted». We’ll see the grand city center, modern New Holland where the youth hang out, cozy Kolomna with courtyards, ruins, small gardens and quiet life. I hope our walk will help you make up your own impression of the city and those who live here.

Example tour

Step 1. A soft drink in a cafe where we talk a little bit and explore the city’s map
Step 2. Kazan Cathedral where we talk about religion in general and about the Orthodox church  in particular; and how it’s been influencing the Russian code
Step 3. Walk around the city center: Nevsky Prospect, the Admiralty, the Bronze Horseman, St. Isaacs Cathedral, Colonnade of St. Isaacs Cathedral (optional)
Step 4. Main Post Office, if you wish you can send a card to yourself, relatives or friends
Step 5. Modern park and art place New Holland that offers street-food restaurants  (Jewish, Mexican, Georgian, Italian, American, Japanese cuisine, subs and coffee)
Step 6. Kolomna & Spasskaya historical parts of the old city where poor people used to live and where Dostoevsky got inspired and found characters for his novels. 
Step 7.  Coffee on one of the embankments
Step 8. Advice on where to spend time in St. Petersburg with pleasure and interest. How to visit the main sights by yourself avoiding lines to museums where possible.

In the center there’re lots of grocery stores, cafes and restaurants, we can make a stop at any time to have a rest, snack, drink. In the end I’ll show you the way to the nearest station or help get a taxi.

My guests

Santiago and his friends from Argentina
Leo from Brazil
Enrique from Mexico
Karim from Egypt / UAE
Patricia and Andrew from Singapore
Family Grez from Chile